Dr. Stephan Wallentowitz

Professor, Munich University of Applied Sciences

Dr. Wallentowitz has covered all the bases when it comes to education. He earned his first diploma in Computer Engineering, then followed it up with a Masters of Business Administration (with a major in entrepreneurship, technology management and innovation), and topped it off with a PhD in Electrical and Electronic Engineering. Phew….

Along the way he taught at Technical University of Munich (who have competed in past Student Cluster Competitions), worked in R&D, and became the director of the Free & Open Source Silicon Foundation. Now he’s a professor at Munich University of Applied Sciences where he teaches Computer Architecture and Hardware Security. He is for sure keeping himself busy, no question about that.

Little known fact:  maybe not so little known, but he’s a huge fan of the open source RISC-V processor and thus Calista Redmond is a big fan of him.