In our most recent update, “Triumph and Tragedy with HPL/HPCG”, we detailed how our dozen 2023 Winter Classic Invitational cluster competition teams dealt with their LINPACK/HPCG module, mentored by HPE.

In this episode of our incredibly popular 2023 Winter Classic Studio Update Show, we interview the mentors behind the event, the folks who readied the systems, trained the students, and fielded their questions during the weeklong challenge.

We want to shine some light on the mentor organizations who are critical to making this competition possible. It’s not an easy job, the mentors have to provide clusters for the teams, give them log ins to the boxes, teach them how to use the system, bring them up to speed on the operating environment, train them on the application(s), and, well, lots of stuff.

HPE did an exemplary job in this, their second year of mentoring students on LINPACK and HPCG. They provided a Frontier-like configured set of training/practice clusters for the student to work out on and shepherded the teams through the entire process.

Take a look at the video below to get a feel for what goes into the mentoring process. Addison and I interviewed part of the HPE mentoring team, including Chris Marsh, Cheng Liao, and John Baron, but there were many more people involved in the effort who deserve our thanks and some industry love.

Next up, we’ll be revealing the scores from the Oak Ridge “Blast” Challenge and updating our ever-changing leaderboard. You’ll want to be sure to catch that show if you’ve been wagering on the competition, as so many do. We will also be starting our series of “Meet the Team” interviews, so stay tuned!

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