2022 Winter Classic Studio Update Show

2022 Winter Classic Gala Awards Ceremony

Episode 497:  Greek Food With Team Fayetteville

Episode 323:  Mexican Lunch With Team Morehouse-Spelman

Episode 377:  Italian Night With Team Prairie View

Episode 203:  Pizza With CISU Team Don’t Panic

Episode 275:  Meal Night With UTEP

Episode 221:  Texas Tech Meal Night #2

Episode 157:  Texas Tech Meal Night #1

Episode 239:  Team UTEP Update

Episode 192:  Texas Tech Team Red Raider Update

Episode 145:  Meet HPE’s Mike Woodacre

Episode 314:  Texas Tech Team Matador Update

Episode 790:  Team Tennessee State Update – with extra kale!

Episode 429:  Team Prairie View Update

Episode 28:  Team Morehouse Interview

Episode 127:  Team Fullerton Update

Episode 326: Fayetteville State Team Update

Episode 181:  CISU Ekhos Engineers Team Update

Episode 321: CISU Don’t Panic Team Update

Episode 33:  AWS Mentor Interview

Episode 32:  AWS Results Revealed!

Episode 22:  Oak Ridge Mentor Interview

Episode 23:  Oak Ridge Module Results

Episode 21:  Meet Oracle’s Kevin Jorissen

Episode 20:  NASA Mentor Interview

Episode 19:  NASA Module Results

Episode 18:  there is no episode 18, drop down to Episode 17 below…

Episode 17:  Meet HPE’s Justin Hotard

Episode 16:  Meet Team UTEP


Episode 15:  Meet Team Channel Islands Ekhos Engineers


Episode 14:  Meet Team Fullerton




Episode 13:  Meet Texas Tech, Team Matadors



Episode 12:  Meet Texas Tech Team Red Raider



Episode 11:  Meet Team Tennessee



Episode 10:  Meet Team Spelman-Morehouse



Episode 9:  Meet Team Prairie View



Episode 8:  Meet Team FAMU



Episode 7:  Meet Team Fayetteville



Episode 6:  Meet Team Channel Islands Don’t Panic



Episode 5:  HPC Pop Quiz Results!



Episode 4:  Meet the HPE Mentors



Episode 3:  First Results – First Look at the Big Board



Episode 2:  Who’s In?!



Episode 1:  Competition Overview