2024 Winter Classic Invitational Studio Update Show Episodes





























2023 Winter Classic Invitational Studio Update Show Episodes

2023 Winter Classic Awards Ceremony - Director's Cut

AWS Mentor Interview

AWS GROMACS Results Revealed!

NASA Mentor Interview

NASA WRF Challenge Results Revealed!

Meet Team Jackson State

Meet Team Cal Poly Pomona

Oak Ridge National Lab Mentor Interview

Oak Ridge Blast Challenge Results Revealed!

Meet Team CSUCI High Performance Dolphins Deluxe

Meet Texas Tech, Team Matador

Meet Texas Tech, Team Red Raiders

Meet Team New Mexico

Meet Team Morehouse

Meet Team UTEP

Meet Team CSUCI Results Not Guaranteed

Meet Team UC Santa Cruz

Meet Team FAMU

Meet Team Prairie View

HPE Mentor Interview

LINPACK & HPCG Results Revealed!

HPC Pop Quiz Results Revealed!

Episode #1:  Who's In? Teams Revealed!


2022 Winter Classic Invitational Studio Update Show Episodes

2022 Winter Classic Gala Awards Ceremony

Episode 497:  Greek Food With Team Fayetteville

Episode 323:  Mexican Lunch With Team Morehouse-Spelman

Episode 377:  Italian Night With Team Prairie View

Episode 203:  Pizza With CISU Team Don't Panic

Episode 275:  Meal Night With UTEP

Episode 221:  Texas Tech Meal Night #2

Episode 157:  Texas Tech Meal Night #1

Episode 239:  Team UTEP Update

Episode 192:  Texas Tech Team Red Raider Update

Episode 145:  Meet HPE's Mike Woodacre

Episode 314:  Texas Tech Team Matador Update

Episode 790:  Team Tennessee State Update - with extra kale!

Episode 429:  Team Prairie View Update

Episode 28:  Team Morehouse Interview

Episode 127:  Team Fullerton Update

Episode 326: Fayetteville State Team Update

Episode 181:  CISU Ekhos Engineers Team Update

Episode 321: CISU Don't Panic Team Update

Episode 33:  AWS Mentor Interview

Episode 32:  AWS Results Revealed!

Episode 22:  Oak Ridge Mentor Interview

Episode 23:  Oak Ridge Module Results

Episode 21:  Meet Oracle's Kevin Jorissen

Episode 20:  NASA Mentor Interview

Episode 19:  NASA Module Results

Episode 18:  there is no episode 18, drop down to Episode 17 below...

Episode 17:  Meet HPE's Justin Hotard

Episode 16:  Meet Team UTEP

Episode 15:  Meet Team Channel Islands Ekhos Engineers

Episode 14:  Meet Team Fullerton

Episode 13:  Meet Texas Tech, Team Matadors

Episode 12:  Meet Texas Tech Team Red Raider

Episode 11:  Meet Team Tennessee

Episode 10:  Meet Team Spelman-Morehouse

Episode 9:  Meet Team Prairie View

Episode 8:  Meet Team FAMU

Episode 7:  Meet Team Fayetteville

Episode 6:  Meet Team Channel Islands Don't Panic

Episode 5:  HPC Pop Quiz Results!

Episode 4:  Meet the HPE Mentors

Episode 3:  First Results - First Look at the Big Board

Episode 2:  Who's In?!

Episode 1:  Competition Overview