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Dr. Happy Sithole

Center Manager, National Integrated Cyber-Infrastructure at CSIR-NICIS

Let’s put this on the record first:  There is no nicer man in HPC than Happy Sithole. He’s universally liked and highly respected for the fantastic job he’s done in growing the South African Centre for High Performance Computing and it’s influence in the country.

Dr. Sithole is relentless when it comes to spreading HPC/AI knowledge throughout South Africa. He implemented a program, the CHPC Winter School, where 100 students are trained on how to best utilize HPC resources.

He extended this into an internal CHPC Student Cluster Competition and HPC forum that is attended by more than 600 people every December. He’s done amazing work and has been rewarded with even more responsibility as the Center Manager for the South Africa National Integrated Cyber-Infrastructure

Little known Happy fact:  there aren’t any, he’s a completely open book.