The first scoring module in the 2023 Winter Classic Invitational Student Cluster Competition is in the books. The Penguin Solutions HPC Pop Quiz confronted our twelve student teams with a set of questions about HPC tech, history, and current events.

Some of the questions were fiendish, such as “….how much water does the Frontier system move in terms of gallons per minute?” and “… much more powerful is the top system on the TOP500 today vs. the top system in 1993 when the list was first published?”

We gave the students a list of reading material both to educate them and to pre-arm them with the answers to the quiz. In order to encourage students to actually read the material, we timed the test and scaled their score to the time. So if you read the materials, you’d be able to fly through the test and thus get a higher score.

It was mostly a California story with the Cal State University Channel Islands High Performance Dolphin team taking home 100 points and top honors on the quiz, closely followed by Cal Poly Pomona, with University of New Mexico taking third.

In our increasingly popular Studio Update Show (below), Addison and I run through some sample questions, reveal “The Big Board” for the first time this year, and show how the students did on the quiz. It’s must see watching.

Next up we’ll let you know how the students tackled HPL and HPCG. Was it triumph or tragedy? Stay tuned….

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