This is the other team from the University of New Mexico. I mistakenly thought that one of their team members was going to make history by being the first competitor to compete for two different schools – but I was wrong, oh well, it happens.

But back to the Roadrunners – this is an impressive set of students. They all have some serious tech chops and some have significant HPC experience as well. At the time of the interview, the team was in sixth place overall and doing well. They would be ranked much higher if not for a weak HPCG score, but that’s how these things go, right?

This is one of the most solid teams in this edition of the Winter Classic, but I’m disappointed that I wasn’t able to stoke a furious competition between the Roadrunners and the other team, the UNM Lobos. I’ll keep trying. Check out the Roadrunner Winter Classic homepage to learn even more about the team.