Team Information

Location: Pomona, California

Established: 1938

Enrollment: 25,894

Mascots: Billy the Bronco

California Polytechnic State University, Pomona (or Cal Poly Pomona for short) is a new entrant into the world of student cluster competitions. It’s a big school. Their College of Engineering alone has 5,000 students, which is more than the total enrollment of some of other schools in our 2023 Winter Classic.

Cal Poly is one of the few schools in the Winter Classic that has a HPC cluster on campus, a 20 node HPE CPU-based system, with a four node GPU cluster, all tied together by InfiniBand, pretty sporty. Given that their three team members are all masters level students, I think we can assume they’ve logged some experience on the cluster, which will give them a leg up on their competitors.  which gives them a leg up in the competition. Team Cal Poly looks great on paper, let’s see how they do when the fingers hit the keyboards….




"I'm Sean Butler studying computer science as a graduate at Cal Poly Pomona. I practice karate and like to play video games in my spare time."




"Hi I'm Chris Le, and I am a graduate student studying Computer Science at Cal Poly Pomona. I received my bachelor's in Biology from the University of California, Riverside. In my free time, I like to play guitar and snowboard."




"My name is Rick Ramirez and I am a graduate student studying computer science at Cal Poly Pomona. I received my bachelor's in physics from the University of California in Santa Cruz and enjoy mountain biking in my spare time."