Team Information

Location: Camarillo, CA

Established: 2002

Enrollment: 7,000

Mascots: Ekho the Dolphin

Cal State Channel Islands has two teams entered in the 2022 Winter Classic Student Cluster Competition. This team, “Team Ekho” is named after Ekho the dolphin, which is the university mascot. The name Ekho comes from the dolphinanic (don’t think that’s a word but going with it anyway) ability to use echolocation to navigate. It also represents the students’ voice. Their echolocation capabilities are pretty cool. Dolphins are at the top of the leaderboard when it comes to using sound waves in the ocean. Their skills are so finely attuned that they have been able to tell the difference between a ping-pong ball and a golf ball in scientific tests. Dolphins are also one of the world’s most intelligent animals, although their knowledge of HPC and computing in general has yet to be tested. We’ll see what happens.


We’ll update this page with Team Ekho content as it’s generated, that’ll include team interviews, videos, pictures, and stuff like that. Stay tuned….

Team Ekhos Engineers Update:  This is either the first or second team from California’s Channel Island State University depending on which team you ask. In the interview we talk about, not surprisingly, the competition and what they’ve learned. As Alex said “it felt like organized chaos…” describing the experience with the competition. Loved that description!

Cal State Channel Islands – Ekhos Engineers:  First, the team name is based on their school mascot, a dolphin, and it’s echolocation capabilities. They have five members, including one who is competing while physically located in the UK. A mix of juniors and seniors, most have some computer science background, but none have had much exposure with HPC, so this is a baptism by fire. The team turned in good results on both LINPACK and HPCG, earning a seventh-place spot overall. Better yet, they’re slightly ahead of their chief rival, the CSCI Don’t Panic team, but only by a handful of percentage points. The team is looking forward to the NASA module, which is taking place the week of 3/7.