Team Information

Location: Fullerton, California

Established: 1957

Enrollment: 41,408

Mascots: Tuffy the Elephant

Cal State Fullerton is a Hispanic Serving Institution (HSI) located in Fullerton, California (Orange County, near LA). This is a biggest school in the 2022 Winter Classic, boasting more than 41,000 students. But they have the smallest team in the competition with only three students. However, we’ve seen small teams do well in our 2021 competition, so we’ll see what happens. The school was ranked #7 in Computer Engineering in regional US News & World Report rankings, not bad at all.

The school mascot is Tuffy the Elephant, pictured at left. Fullerton has turned out some famous alumni, including actor Kevin Costner, singer/songwriter Gwen Stefani, two-time astronaut Tracy Caldwell Dyson, and former two-time Bantam Weight UFC Champion T.J. Dillashaw.

We’ll be updating this space with more Cal State Fullerton materials as they come in. These will include interviews with the team and the coaches, discussions of their progress throughout the competition, and other assorted stuff. Stay tuned…

Team Fullerton Update: The Cal State Fullerton team has had its ups and downs in the competition. Self-admitted complete newbies to HPC, the team has seen better performance as they progress through the program. After this interview, they nailed a third place position on part of the AWS OpenFOAM Challenge – nice work.

Cal State Fullerton:  This is a new team to student cluster competition. It’s a small team with only three members, but two of the three are seniors in CS plus a graduate student. We spend some time talking surfing with Conner, billing notices with Josh, and the Montanna fireworks scene with Dalton. The team got a bit of a slow start on LINPACK and HPCG, they were able to run the two benchmarks, but ran out clock when it came time to optimize. However, they pulled a fourth-place finish on the HPC Pop Quiz, adding more than 93 points to their overall score.