Team Information

Location: Camarillo, California

Established: 2002

Enrollment: 7,000

Mascots: Ekho the Dolphin

California State University Channel Islands is again fielding two teams in the 2024 Winter Classic. The CSUCI High Performance Dolphins Deluxe team took home the championship trophy in the 2023 Winter Classic. The big question is whether one of the two Channel Islands teams will make a serious run at the 2024 championship. Time will tell.

Team B this year is more of a mix of student majors than the computer science heavy CSUCI A team. While Team B does have three computer science majors, they also sport a Mecatronics  Engineering student, plus a Applied Physics major. Three of the five members are juniors, along with one senior and a master’s student. One student, Berkhan, has had previous experience in the Winter Classic, which could be very helpful.

As we noted in the CSUCI A team profile, the Channel Islands Winter Classic teams have typically been fun and a high spirited. But we’ve always seen one team significantly out perform the other in these competitions, will that be the case again in 2024 or will we see a closer battler for campus cluster dominance?

2024 Team B Roster:

  • Taylor Mack
  • Sarthak Musmade
  • Grace Reilly
  • Seth Curtin
  • Berkhan Berkdemir

Faculty Advisor/Coach:  Dr. Scott Feister

2023 Channel Islands:  Team Results Not Guaranteed 

  • Daniel Orona
  • Isaac Cisneros
  • Lumir D'Ambrosio
  • Matilda Orona
  • Minrui Hu

Team Faculty Advisor/Coach:  Dr. Scott Feister

CI results group pic edited

"I'm Lumir D'Ambrosio. I'm a senior at CSUCI majoring in computer science who is hooked on HPC after competing in the Winter Classic Cluster Competition 2022 and at SC22.  I love working with Linux systems and enjoy expressing my creativity in the realm of computers."