Team Information

Location: Tallahassee, Florida

Established: 1887

Enrollment: 9,179

Mascots: Venom the rattlesnake


A team from FAMU competed in the inaugural Winter Classic in 2021. They combined with a student from The University of the Virgin Islands to post respectable scores in the competition. But this wasn’t their first cluster competition.

Way back in 2010 a FAMU team competed at the SC10 competition in New Orleans. Unfortunately, that team wasn’t able to compete on an equal footing because their sponsor delivered a single workstation rather than a full cluster. But the team didn’t give up, they kept working even though they had no chance of winning – now that’s the kind of spirit we like to see.

If this 2022 Winter Classic team is anything like the 2021 team, then they’ll be squared away and ready to go from the jump. Their team leader is a holdover from 2021 team and he’s a force of nature.

The school mascot is Venom the Rattler, pictured above with his wife or something…we guess.

Learn more about Team Rattler in our upcoming interviews….

Florida Agricultural & Mechanical University:  FAMU competed in the first Winter Classic event last year and have one returning player this year. The team leader, Kawika, was the foundation of the 2021 team and is a time management ninja, as you’ll see from the video. Other than Kawika’s limited exposure to HPC last year, the rest of the team is new to the field. FAMU has put in the work and notched some pretty scores so far in the competition. They’re currently sitting in third place overall, just a handful of points behind the second place Texas Tech Red Raider team. FAMU has also set the world record in terms of the number of jobs submitted in the first two challenges with more than 2,000 HPL jobs and more than 4,500 HPCG jobs. Great use of scripting.