Team Information

Location: Atlanta, Georgia

Established: 1867

Enrollment: 2,250

Mascots: Maroon Tigers

Morehouse competed in the 2021 Winter Classic, they were a great team to interview, lots of fun. The school is one of the most renown black universities in America.

Morehouse is academically demanding and an immersive student experience. This school has a lot of range, famous alumni include Dr. Martin Luther King Junior, also Samuel L Jackson, director Spike Lee, many leaders – too many to list here.

We’ve dubbed the school Team Mystique, which came from students last year who cited the “Morehouse Mystique” as their edge in the competition. The term comes from a book about the school that discussed how the school isn’t just building scholars – but leaders. We like that kind of thinking….

Team Morehouse Update:  Our first interview with Morehouse was a corrupted file fiasco, but we finally caught up with them and gave them a proper interview. The team has a couple of chess players who, strangely enough, have never played each other. I try to stir the pot to get a rivalry going between them.

Morehouse College:  We interviewed Team Morehouse but had a technical problem with the footage which made it unusable. We fired a portion of our technical staff over this issue. We weren’t able to make our schedules mesh so we could re-record the episode, so I’ll try to pull up a bit of what we talked about via my ADD riddled memory. This is the first cluster competition team with identical twins – or, as we call them, “a closely coupled cluster.” The team wasn’t happy with their initial performance in the competition and vowed to make a furious comeback. They did ok on the Pop Quiz and put some points on the big board, but their real chance to make a run is with the currently in process NASA module. We’ll see what happens, but the team is absolutely serious about over-performing the rest of the way.