Team Information

Location: Atlanta, Georgia

Established: 1867

Enrollment: 2,250

Mascots: Maroon Tigers

This will be the fourth Winter Classic appearance for a team from Morehouse College. The team this year is the full complement of six undergrad students, mostly Computer Science majors, but also a Software Engineer in the mix. Over the past few years, Morehouse has introduced an HPC class and, under the leadership of Dr. Watkins, is developing a school HPC lab. Great work!


2024 Team Roster




"I'm Craig Edelin Jr. I am interested in Cybersecurity and plan to get into the Vulnerability Research. In terms of my technical skills, I am well-versed with a terminal."









"Hey my name is Menelik Haqq, I am a junior computer science major attending Morehouse College. In the future, I want to pursue a career in software engineering or data science."








"Hello, I'm Unique McElwain, a senior software engineering major from Harlem, NY. In the future, I plan on becoming a project manager because I gravitate toward the business aspect of engineering slightly more than the technical."







"Greetings! My name is Thailer Ragland and I am a graduating senior physics major mathematics minor at Morehouse College from Memphis, TN. My personal hobbies include drawing, painting, and skateboarding. I also have technical interests in physics, aviation, and space exploration. After graduation, I hope to attend graduate school for either Applied Physics or Aerospace Engineering. I hope to one day work within the space industry and use my technical background to contribute towards multiplanetary exploration. I am a student pilot and I also have a background in physics research."








"Greetings you all! My name is Jonah; I am from North Florida and currently attend Morehouse College a junior majoring in computer science with a minor in Chinese. I have a wide variety of interests ranging from sports, culinary arts, mentoring, music creation, and so much more. My technical skills involve technical product and project management, C++, MySQL, and a bit of HTML. In the future, I would love to work at a technology or music-based company doing PM work."







"Hello! My name is Daylon Trotman and I am a junior Software Engineering major from Boston, Massachusetts currently attending Morehouse College. Outside of school, I love Basketball, Video Games, and Music. In the future, I hope to develop video games under my own company."







Faculty Advisor/Coach:

  • Dr. Alfred Watkins

2023 Winter Classic


Left to right:  Rodney Dorsey Jr., Zachare Loften, Craig Edelin Jr., Addison Cousin-Hardrick, Kevin Drew, Matthew Jackson (not pictured)

"My name is Rodney Dorsey Jr., a Senior Computer Science Major Mathematics Minor from Zachary LA. I enjoy gaming, anime, Marvel and DC, and lifting. I am a HPC researcher at Morehouse College as well as an Intern at PNC Financial Services."

"My name is Zachare Lofton, a Senior Computer Science Major Mathematics Minor from Columbus, OH. I am a HPC researcher at Morehouse College as well as an Intern at Honeywell."

"My name is Addison Cousin-Hardrick, a Computer Science Major Mathematics Minor from Omaha, NE. I enjoy manga, anime, food, and lifting. I am a HPC researcher at Morehouse College as well as an Intern at HD supply."

"My name is Matthew Jackson, I am a Senior Computer Science Major from Detroit, MI. I am a HPC researcher at Morehouse College as well as a McNair Scholar."

"My name is Kevin Drew and I’m a Junior Software Engineering Major from Saint Paul, MN. This semester I’m a HPC researcher at Morehouse College and a Selenium Automation Testing intern at McKinsey & Company."

"My name is Craig Edelin Jr. I am a Computer Science Major from Washington, D.C., and I am a HPC researcher at Morehouse College. I enjoy cyber security and listening to music."

2022 Winter Classic

Team Roster:

  • Adetowo Ademiluyi
  • Tiwong Nance
  • Zavian Harris-Smart
  • Zavier Harris-Smart

Faculty Advisor/Coach:

  • Alfred Watkins


2021 Winter Classic