Team Information

Location: Prairie View, Texas

Established: 1876

Enrollment: 9.350

Mascots: The Black Panther

This will be the third Winter Classic for the PVAMU team, they’ve been in this since the very beginning and we’re grateful for their participation. Team Prairie View’s effort and dedication paid off in 2022 when they won the Gold Medal championship in dramatic fashion – great job! Can they do it again in 2023? We’ll have to wait and see…

Their 2023 team is a mix of new faces and returning competitors, mostly Electrical Engineering students, plus one who is majoring in Computer Engineering. Looks to be a solid team.

2023 Team Roster:

  • Draya Buckner
  • Jalen Graham
  • Sheikh Tareq Ahmed
  • Spencer Anderson
  • Toya Acharya
  • Tyler Mannings

Team Faculty Advisors/Coaches

  • Dr. Annamalai Annamalai
  • Dr. Mohamed Chouikha