Team Information

Location: Prairie View, Texas

Established: 1876

Enrollment: 9,350

Mascots: The Black Panther

Prairie View was the FIRST team to sign up for the 2021 Winter Classic – they took a risk on a new event and it paid off for them.

Their motto “Prairie View Produces Product People” is very alliterative and, from what I can see, true.

They provide the second most STEM degrees in the Texas University System – which is quite remarkable.

Prairie View also produces the most black architects and engineers according to Diverse Issues in Higher Education. Nice job, Prairie View.

Picture of Sasha and Pete, school mascots. Not sure of their relationship status.


Team Prairie View:  It’s Italian night in Prairie View, TX, and the team is eating in with a huge feast from Olive Garden. Ok, I make fun of Olive Garden a bit in the video, but I don’t think there’s an authentic Little Italy in Prairie View, so you take what you get and enjoy it.

We have a nice conversation about the competition and their progress so far. It’s just before the AWS OpenFOAM Challenge, the module that Prairie View used to make their move to the championship. Right now, they have no idea that they’re going to stun the competition with their incredible OpenFOAM results. Kind of fun to look back on it. This is a team that worked hard, and, more importantly, worked together to get the most out of the competition. I’ve been very impressed with them.

Oh, and I also give out my recipe for killer Fettuccine Alfredo and Crab Alfredo in the crawl, it’s quick, easy, and delicious. Give it a try and get back to me.

Prairie View Update:  We talk to Team Prairie View just after we received results from the ORNL machine learning task. The team doesn’t know, until this call, that they were one of the four teams who scored 100% on this module. It’s fun to drag out the news a bit, but take a look at their reaction when I finally drop the results on them (1:50 in the video). Very solid team in several ways, they worked cooperatively on all of the challenges as a team, trained very hard on each challenge, used the mentor training effectively, and asked questions when they got stuck. Extremely impressive performance by your 2022 Winter Classic Champion, Team Prairie View.

Team Prairie View:  Prairie View was the first team to sign up for the 2021 Winter Classic and I really appreciate them taking the chance on a new competition, it means a lot to me. The team this year is a combination of two hold overs from the team last year accompanied by two new competitors. One thing you’ll notice about the Prairie View team is that they all have some connection to cyber security. This is because Prairie View is the home to SECURE – a nationally recognized cybersecurity research center.