Team Information

Location: Atlanta, Georgia

Established: 1881

Enrollment: 2,150

Mascots: The Jaguar

This is a combined team of Spelman and Morehouse students. Spelman is an all female school and academically demanding. Famous alumnae include Rosalind Brewer, the first African American CEO of Sam’s club and Walgreens, Pulitzer Price winner Alice Walker, plus a whole list of others.

Spelman has the highest graduation rate among HBUs at close to 80%, well above the national graduation rate of 44% for US colleges.

I couldn’t find a picture of a Spelman student inside a Jaguar costume. They don’t have time for that kind of foolishness at Spelman – they’re too busy learning.

Team Spelman-Morehouse:  They satisfied their Mexican food craving at an Atlanta area joint called The Bone Garden Catina, excellent choice. During the interview we talked about what the team has learned during the competition, which is a lot, according to them. We also talked about their future in terms of career interests. One of the students has already accepted an offer from Google, but the others are still weighing options and looking at alternatives. Hire them, they’re solid.

Spelman – Morehouse College:  This team is a blend of Morehouse College and Spelman College students and all are first time competitors. They’re also new to HPC, like the majority of students in the competition. The team had a rough start, only delivering a result on LINPACK. They ran out of time on HPCG and optimizing LINPACK. During the video interview, I kid the team about not starting early enough, despite my advice in previous calls – which is fun because I really like being right and am not shy about rubbing it in. According to the team, they’re poised for a furious comeback. They’ve already made a start on that by posting an 89% score on the HPC Pop Quiz.