Team Information

Location: Albuquerque, NM

Established: 1889

Enrollment: 25,400

Mascots: Lobo

The University of New Mexico is fielding two teams in the 2024 Winter Classic, Team Lobos and Team Roadrunner. The school competed in the 2023 Winter Classic and finished fifth overall, not to shabby for a brand new team, eh?

Team Lobos looks pretty solid with two sophomores, three juniors, and a senior. They’re all Computer Science majors and four of them are also minoring in Math – so plenty of homework. Two of the team members participated in the 2023 Winter Classic, which gives them an edge over their cross-campus Roadrunner rivals.

This is the first year that UNM has deployed two teams, so we’re looking at another campus battle for cluster supremacy – can’t wait!

2024 Lobos Team Roster:





"I'm Finn Ellis, a junior at the University of New Mexico majoring in computer science with a minor in business. I have a love for learning, and I discovered programming making video games throughout high school. I have a background in martial arts and really enjoy insightful discussion especially relating to philosophy or life experiences. I have a passion for entrepreneurship and see myself starting my own business highlighted by my skills in resourcefulness, programming, and communication."







"My name is Vincent Hilario, I am an undergraduate CS student at the University of New Mexico. My main interest in Computer Science lies in Extended Reality (VR/AR/MR) as evidenced by my internship at Sandia National Labs, but I recently became infatuated with optimizing computation performance which lead me to want to learn more about High Performance Computing and Quantum Computation. Outside of school, I enjoy playing volleyball and badminton. I am also a semi-avid reader, currently reading A Storm of Swords from the ASOIAF series."








Jimmy Hoang:  "My name is Jimmy Hoang. I'm currently a sophomore at the University of New Mexico studying Computer Science. I've always been on the computer since I was a child and that just naturally led to me studying computer science. Outside of school, I have a large range of interests that goes from playing video games (really into Tekken 8 right now) to scuba diving (want to get my license soon) to biking (also need to get my license) and that carries into computer science. I'm interested in a lot of fields and am unsure of which subfield I want to dive into in the future."








"Hi! My name is Alex Knigge and I am a second-year student at the University of New Mexico. I am double majoring in Computer Science and Mathematics. For fun, I play trombone and baritone in the basketball band at UNM called Soundpack. I also love the outdoors, so I want to use my degree for environmental conservation and sustainability. I look forward to honing my HPC skills as a second-year participant in the 2024 Winter Classic."









"Hello, I'm Abdalaziz Raad, a Computer Science sophomore at The University of New Mexico. My academic focus is on visualization within the High-Performance Computing (HPC) field, and I aspire to contribute my skills to a pharmaceutical company dedicated to advancing medicine."








Ryan Scherbarth:  "I am a senior working toward a bachelors in Computer Science w/ minor in Math. Currently, I am working concurrent internships at Sandia National Labs, as part of the Performance Engineering team, where I am working on optimization of HPC programs, including on the Astra cluster. I am also working for the University of New Mexico, where half of my time is spent as a faculty advisor for cs491: High Performance Computing, and the other half is spent at the Center for Advanced Research Computing, supporting users on the UNM owner HPC clusters."





Faculty Advisor/Coach

  • Dr. Matthew Fricke

2023 Winter Classic



"Sachi Barnaby is a sophomore majoring in computer science. She is currently researching robotic cooperative transport inspired by ants, and she is interested in interdisciplinary work related to robotics and complex systems. Outside of the classroom, she plays the oboe in the Symphony Orchestra."

"Carter Frost is a transfer student from Santa Cruz, California he is just starting his third semester here at UNM. For over 10 years he worked in cybersecurity working on private key infrastructure like national ID systems, Certificate management and private key storage systems called HSMs(systems that establish and maintain trust). He has been taught at Cabrillo College/PVUSD engineering camps well over the 7 years, as well as being a supplemental instructor at Cabrillo College. Carter got into robotics ~5 years ago initially through his local community college in California (Cabrillo College's) Robotics club, He worked remotely with UNM's Moses Biological Computation Lab on various projects like with NASA's Houston space center on a new class of rovers for the Moon & Project ChiliHouse but he has made the move out to Albuquerque and is now working on UNM's VolCAN team."



"Alex Knigge is a first-year Computer Science student at the University of New Mexico. She is a former intern at the Center for High Technology Materials doing research on waveguides for optical lasers while her current research interests at Sandia National Laboratories involve environmental modeling and simulations. She also plays trombone for UNM’s Soundpack Band and is involved with the UNM Esports team."



"Ellie Larence is a junior studying computer science. Her current work focuses on encoding immunological signals to enhance SIMCoV, an agent-based model of SARS-CoV-2 infection, and is particularly interested in computational solutions to biological problems. She enjoys eating and making elaborate baked goods."



"Abigail Pribisova is a senior studying computer science at the University of New Mexico. Throughout her undergraduate degree, she has conducted research on mathematical and computational models of viral spread, satisfiability and interpolation algorithms, discrete event simulations, network theory, and applied machine intelligence. She also plays five instruments."



"Ryan Scherbarth is a sophomore Computer Science student at the University of New Mexico. Interested in the Cyber Security space, he previously worked as a software resiliency engineer within the space vehicles directorate of the Air Force Research Laboratory, and is currently working as a solutions architect intern in the Cyber Security & Mission Computing Center at Sandia National Laboratories."

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