NASA hosted and mentored the twelve teams competing in the Winter Classic Invitational Student Cluster Competition last week and we’re ready to reveal the results.

The student teams competed to run and optimize three subsets of the NAS Parallel benchmarks, namely BT-MZ, SP-MZ, and the ever so challenging LU-MZ.

All of the teams managed to submit scores for all three of the benchmarks, although one team submitted scores for the wrong benchmarks, which led to a considerable downgrade in their final score.

Here are some highlights:

  • Fayetteville State University topped all competitors on BT-MZ, giving them their first outright win of the season. It’s great to see this team get a win and add 100 points to their total score. Tennessee State came in a very close second with 99.63 points and the Red Raiders were an eyelash behind at 99.27.
  • Tennessee State University grabbed a narrow win over the field on the SP-MZ benchmark, taking home 100 points on this segment of the challenge. They just barely edged out the Red Raiders, Matadors, and UTEP, who turned in normalized scores of 98% and above.
  • Florida Agricultural & Mechanical (FAMU) took home 100 points on LU-MZ, which turned out to be the most difficult benchmark for the field of twelve. The average score on this benchmark was 72.96 and only two teams, Tennessee and the Texas Tech Matadors, managed to give FAMU a run for their money with scores of 98.03 and 94.46 respectively.

The NASA module impacted the Big Board, which tracks up-to-the-minute team positions. Here are the top overall standings:

  • Tennessee State continues to own the #1 spot with an overall score of 394.84
  • FAMU slid into second place by virtue of LU-MZ, with a total score of 343.74
  • Texas Tech Team Red Raider dropped to third place but is barely behind FAMU with 337.81 points.
  • UTEP nabbed fourth place by winning the HPC Pop Quiz and is defending that position with their NASA results, giving them 322.54 points overall.
  • The Texas Tech Matadors rode their excellent NASA scores into fifth place with 306.93 total points.
  • Prairie View slides down to sixth place with 304.15 points, but is still squarely in the game.
  • In the Battle for Channel Islands, the Ekhos Engineer team put a little more daylight between themselves and their rival Don’t Panic team. Team Ekhos Engineers has 278 .20 points vs. 264.15 for Don’t Panic. This battle is still too close to call.

For more detailed scoring and commentary, click your clickers on the video below. Addison and I tear through all of the results, slice ‘em, dice ‘em, and post them onto the 2022 Leaderboard.


Stay tuned for more results, more commentary, more team interviews, and, well, just more on the 2022 Winter Classic Invitational Student Cluster Competition.

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