Hailing from Fayetteville, NC, Fayetteville State University stayed under the radar in their first Winter Classic competition in 2022. Solid students for sure, but not a lot of HPC experience. All good.

They didn’t field a team in 2023, taking a break, assumedly for re-building. But this year, Fayetteville is back with a in a big way. In LINPACK, they posted a score of 99.13 – which got them third place, just fractions of a point away from the leaders. They did even better on HPCG, taking second with 99.85 points. Impressive performance for sure.

In the video below we meet the team, who have adopted Parallel Pioneers as their nickname, and talk about their respective backgrounds and career interests. If you’re an employer looking for highly motivated interns or entry-level team members, take notes.


Find our more about the Fayetteville Parallel Pioneers on their 2024 Winter Classic homepage.