In this edition of the Winter Classic Studio Update Show we reveal the results from the NASA BTIO Challenge. The benchmark, BTIO, is a subset of the NAS Parallel benchmark and NASA set up a formidable set of milestones, including a quiz, that ran students through a gamut of HPC-ery. (No, not a word, but should be, right?)

For this show, HPC luminary and long time advocate for student cluster competitions Henry Newman is my special guest commentator.

The competition is still very tight with less than a dozen points between the first and fifth place teams. Santa Cruz scored a perfect 100 on BTIO and vaulted themselves from fifth to second place. The TTU Red Raiders took over first place from their bitter cross-campus Matador rivals, but only by a meager three points.

But it’s still early in the competition. With the NASA challenge complete, only 300 out of the total possible 700 points have been apportioned. There’s a lot of room for teams to mount a challenge with a breakthrough performance or for teams to have unfortunate stumbles.

Stay tuned for more action!

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