AWS GROMACS Roils the Field

Hands off keyboards, the last computational challenge in the 2023 Winter Classic student cluster competition has been completed, the scores have been compiled, tallied, and then compiled again just to make sure. (BREAKING NEWS:  The Winter Classic Gala Awards Ceremony will be held on Friday, 4/14, at 4:00 pm Pacific. Here’s the link to the…
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Meet Team Jackson State

Team Jackson State maybe be small with only three members, but they are enthusiastic, as you’ll see in the video. They also have a smallish computer science department with 159 students, which makes it even cooler that they’re competing in the Winter Classic, right? The team is composed of two seniors and a junior, all…
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Meet TTU Team Matadors

The Texas Tech Matadors were in the Winter Classic last year, but the team this year is entirely new. This junior/senior mixed team came to play. They’re currently sitting pretty in third with only two more scoring events (AWS and the interview) to go. Their best event so far has been LINPACK, where they finished…
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