The first results are in! Student teams turned in their HPL (LINPACK) and HPCG benchmark results and we got ’em.

Twelve student teams spent last week under the tutelage of HPE learning about HPC and how to run (then optimize) HPL and HPCG. The results were outstanding. Nearly all the teams completed the task and some of their numbers were pro level in terms of, for example, LINPACK efficiency.

You’ll have to watch (or fast forward) through the video below in order to get all of the results and details. But let me whet your appetite with some tidbits:

  • One of the Texas Tech teams took home the LINPACK crown with a two-node score of 6,631 GFLOP/s. It was an extremely close battle. Two other teams were within two points of the leader.
  • The HPCG results were a great story. Tennessee State University took the win by either a highly skilled approach or luck. We’ll ask them when we interview them. Watch the video to see what they did to top the other teams by 30% and more.

Oh yeah, that video I keep referring to? Here’s the link to it:

Next up we’ll talk to the HPE mentors who did such a fine job of guiding the students through LINPACK and HPCG. Stay tuned, there’s plenty more on the way!

**Correction:  The video mistakenly shows Morehouse College as scoring 0.079 in LINPACK, that score belongs to Spelman-Morehouse. The Morehouse College team did not submit a score for LINPACK.