In this edition of the wildly popular “2022 Winter Classic Studio Update Show”, Addison and Dan reveal the TWELVE teams who are competing in this year’s Winter Classic student cluster competition.

This competition is particularly notable because it exclusively features teams from Historically Black Universities (HBUs) and Hispanic Serving Institutions (HSIs). The competition has expanded to twelve teams from last year’s ten and has also radically changed the architecture of the event. In most cluster competitions, vendors or other organizations sponsor individual teams and, hopefully, help them through a grueling week-long competition period where the students will run and optimize a slate of HPC applications and benchmarks.

In this competition, four national labs and large industry players will each host all twelve teams in turn, mentoring them on a single application (selected by the lab) and allowing the teams to remotely log in to lab supercomputers. The competition started on February 7th and will run until early April on a ‘one week on, one week off’ schedule.

The structure of the event ensures that it will be an absolutely level playing field:  the teams receive the same instruction, use identical hardware, and have the same access to the hardware.

The mentors for the 2022 competition include Hewlett Packard Enterprise (mentoring HPL/HPCG), NASA Ames Center (mentoring a subset of NAS Par), Oak Ridge National Laboratory (machine learning application), and Amazon AWS (application unknown at this time).

Take a look at the video below to see who’s in and learn about their institutions. We’re wearing monogrammed blazers, science inspired ties, and drinking from be-logo’d coffee mugs. That’s worth the price of admission alone…

Next up we’ll be meeting the HPE mentor team, starting to interview student teams, and fiercely driving to provide you with wall-to-wall coverage of the 2022 Winter Classic….stay tuned….