Morehouse College? The university is well-known for their long list of illustrious graduates, the rigor of their academics, and the quality of the instruction. They were one of the first schools to sign up for the Winter Classic Invitational Student Cluster Competition back in 2021 and have been a part of the event ever since.

Ok, they haven’t exactly set the house on fire in the competition, granted. But winning isn’t the point of this thing, it’s all about opening new horizons to students who typically haven’t heard of or considered HPC as a potential career. On that score, Morehouse students are definitely ahead of the game.

Much of this is due to Dr. Alfred Watkins, the Morehouse Computer Science department chair. He’s been leading the charge to bring more HPC education and resources to the school. Get to know him and the 2024 Morehouse team in the video below.



You can also take a gander at their 2024 Winter Classic homepage to learn more about the students and what makes them tick.

Be sure to watch the part where we ask the students about future career interests if you’re an employer who is looking for fantastic interns or entry-level full time folks.

More team interviews on the way, plus much more exciting news from the competition. As always, stay tuned!

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