The latest installment of the 2024 Winter Classic Studio Update Show features our interview with the HPE mentor team who introduced our student teams to the joys (and potential sorrows) of the HPL (LINPACK) and accompanying HPCG benchmarks.

(To refresh your memory on the HPL/HPCG results, click here.)

This is the third year that HPE has kicked off the Winter Classic, providing both remote clusters and training for our student teams representing HBCU and HSI schools. Their mentor team is made up of volunteers who, as you will see in the interview, really enjoy working with the students and teaching HPC to a new generation.

In the conversation, we talked about the ins and outs of the 2024 edition of the LINPACK/HPCG battle from a pro perspective. We also discuss how students tend to start on LINPACK first and then tackle HPCG, which has resulted in tears at times as they run up against the module deadline.

We summarize by asking each of the HPE experts to provide tips to the students on how to approach the competition and new tasks that might be thrown at them in the future. Key points include getting started early, starting with small runs, putting a result in the bank before optimizing, and other advice. Get the rest of the details in the video below.

Many thanks to HPE for their time, training, and systems. Next up we have some team interviews, the NASA Challenge, and more exciting action. Stay tuned!