This is the other team from University of New Mexico, since there are two, right? This team has some significant cluster competition experience with two veterans of previous Winter Classic and SC events. It’s a nice mix of newbies and vets. You’ll see from the video that HPC fever is taking hold, half the team has had experience with our pals at Sandia National Lab as interns, which is pretty damned good experience.

I also berate one of the team members for laziness. He’s finishing his four-year degree in two years while holding down two jobs at the same time. He’s going to pursue a Masters, which I predict he’ll complete in maybe 20 weeks or so.

When I interviewed the team, they were sitting in fifth place, but not too far behind the leaders. If they nail the rest of the challenges, they definitely have a shot at taking home a trophy. Get to know this impressive group of students a little better by checking out their Winter Classic home page.